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Plenary lecture at Clinical Proteomics, Postgenome Medicine, Moscow, Russia.

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Dr Cecilia Lindskog, presents a plenary lecture on October 31 entitled "The Human Protein Atlas - implications for human biology and precision medicine" on the Clinical Proteomics, Postgenome Medicine conference in Moscow, Russia. Dr Lindskog is highlighted as one of the key speakers of the conference.

The 300+ international participants at the conference include medical advisors, scientists and business representatives to bridge translation of research findings to clinical use. The conference opens the fields of "omics" science (genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics) to clinical practioners.

The conference program covers a large spectrum of molecular life sciences including clinical applications for proteomics and genomics, precision medicine, infections and resistance, immunology and non-communicable diseases, cell and regenerative technologies, food and nutrition, and sport, health and doping.

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