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Chan Zuckerberg Initiative teams up with Swedish researchers to map all cells in human body

October 17, 2017
The Human Protein Atlas and Cell Atlas projects at KTH Royal Institute of Technology's Science for Life Laboratory (SciLifeLab) are teaming up with the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative to strengthen research in cell biology and proteomics.
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New Pathology Atlas maps the genes involved in cancer to accelerate progress in personalized cancer medicine

August 17, 2017
A new Pathology Atlas is launched today with an analysis of all human genes in all major cancers showing the consequence of their corresponding protein levels for overall patient survival. The difference in expression patterns of individual cancers observed in the study strongly reinforces the need for personalized cancer treatment based on precision medicine. In addition, the systems level approach used to construct the Pathology Atlas demonstrates the power of "big data" to change how medical research is performed.
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The Human Protein Atlas selected as European core resource in life science by ELIXIR

July 25, 2017
Today, the organization ELIXIR selected the Human Protein Atlas (HPA) as a European core resource in life science. HPA was selected for its fundamental importance to the wider life-science community and as an important international resource of biological data. The Human Protein Atlas contains information for a large majority of all human protein-coding genes, including a Tissue Atlas showing the location of the proteins in human tissues and organs and a Cell Atlas showing the subcellular location in human cells at the single cell level.
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The Human Cell Atlas selected as one of ten emerging technologies to make a change to society

June 27, 2017
This week, Scientific American announced ten emerging technologies with innovations that are on the verge of changing society. One of the technologies selected was the Human Cell Atlas, which aims to integrate research exploring the building-blocks of human cells using new emerging technologies. One of the projects underlying the Human Cell Atlas is the Human Protein Atlas with the ultimate aim to provide a spatial map of all human proteins using a combination of "big data technologies".
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HPA 16 - The Cell Atlas Launched At 2016 ASCB Meeting

December 4, 2016
After the completion of the human genome in 2001, another major milestone was reached with the launch of the Cell Atlas at the 2016 American Society of Cell Biology Meeting. An open-access interactive database with unparalleled high-resolution images, the Cell Atlas visualizes for the first time the location of over 12,000 proteins in cells – opening the way to "spatial proteomics", an exciting new discipline predicted to lead to a fundamental increase in our understanding of human health and disease.
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HPA 15 - New version of the human proteins atlas with extensive transcriptomics data

April 11, 2016 Today, the Human Protein Atlas consortium launched version 15 of the database including extensive transcriptomics data and a new display view to allow comparisons of human tissue profiles on both the RNA and protein level. The launch is accompanied with an article in Molecular Systems Biology describing transcriptome resources with a focus on the comparison between the datasets generated from the Broad Institute, Boston, US (GTEx) and the Human Protein Atlas consortium at Science for Life Laboratory, Sweden.
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HPA 14 - New version of the human proteins atlas

October 16, 2015 The Human Protein Atlas today launched a new version of the database. The major new additions to version 14 are a new Mouse Brain Atlas and a new approach for antibody validation.
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HPA 13 - Launch of the tissue-based map of the human proteins

November 6, 2014 A decade after the completion of the human genome, the Human Protein Atlas program today launched a tissue-based atlas covering the protein complement of the human genome. Based on 13 million annotated images, an interactive database has been created to show the distribution of proteins in all major tissues and organs in the human body.
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