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Milestone reached – 50 000 antibodies passed

Antibody Microarray Antibody Validation

Eni Andersson, Cecilia Mattson, Cecilia Hellström, Jennie Olofsson, Peter Nilsson

The Human Protein Atlas has since the first array validated antibody in November 2004 now passed 50 000 protein microarray validated antibodies.

The Human Protein Atlas contains information for a large majority of all human protein-coding genes regarding the expression and localization of the corresponding proteins based on both RNA and protein data. For the protein data, antibodies are used to show localization, and now 50 000 antibodies have been produced and verified within the project.

– This is a true heroic effort, says professor Peter Nilsson, site director at the SciLifeLab-site in Stockholm. Many people have contributed over the years, and the last few months have been a race against time since we needed to approve as many antibodies as possible for the upcoming release of our Cell Atlas.

In December this year, the Human Protein Atlas will release a new version that will include a new Cell Atlas. This 16th version of the Atlas will be launched at the ASCB Annual Meeting in San Francisco on December 4th.

– We are very pleased to have reached this goal, and I would particularly like to highlight the recent efforts of Eni Andersson, Cecilia Mattson, Cecilia Hellström, Jennie Olofsson and Ronald Sjöberg, Peter Nilsson concludes.

Frida Henningson Johnson

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