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Human Protein Atlas presentations at the 16th HUPO World Congress

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Next week on the 17th to 21th of September, the human proteome organization (HUPO), is hosting the 16th HUPO World Congress in Dublin, Ireland. Several Human Protein Atlas-associated researchers will attend the meeting and represent the project in various sessions, including plenary and invited lectures, oral presentations and poster sessions.

HUPO is an international scientific organization representing and promoting proteomics through international cooperation and collaborations by fostering the development of new technologies, techniques and training. The HUPO World Congress is a yearly event, this year co-organized with the 11th Annual EuPA meeting and 14th Annual BSPR Meeting. The theme of HUPO2017 is "Integrated Proteomics for Healthcare Systems", with the aim to advance the knowledge of the human proteome and its impact on understanding health, disease and ageing.

Professor Mathias Uhlen, Director of the Human Protein Atlas consortium, will have a plenary lecture on "The Human Protein Atlas and next generation antibody therapeutics", Tuesday 19, 09:10 - 09:50.

In the "From Bench to the Clinics" session, Dr Cecilia Lindskog Bergström, Director of the Tissue Atlas, will have an invited lecture on "Integrated omics for tissue-based mapping of the human proteome", Wednesday 20, 11:30 - 11:50. In the same session, Associate professor Jochen Schwenk, group leader of the Plasma Profiling group, will talk on "Exploratory Affinity assays for personalized plasma profiling", Wednesday 20, 12.00 - 12:10. Dr Schwenk also presents in the "HUPO/HPP Workshop session" on "Pillars session 2. Capture reagents-HPA", Sunday 17 11.20 - 11.40.

Associate professor Emma Lundberg, Director of the Cell Atlas, will present in the "Regulation of Spatial Proteomes" session on "An image-based subcellular map of the human proteome", Tuesday 19, 11:50 - 12:00.

Other oral presentations from Human Protein Atlas researchers include:

  • "Integrative omics profiling within the Swedish SCAPIS SciLifeLab (S3) wellness profiling program" Dr Linn Fagerberg, Monday 18 15:00 - 15:10, in the "Longitudinal Proteomics" session.
  • "Validation of novel plasma markers for Venous Thromboembolism using affinity proteomics combined with mass spectrometry" Dr Laura Sanchez, Monday 18 15:10 - 15:20, in the "Diabetes & Cardiovascular" session.
  • "Antigen microarrays identify autoantibodies as potential predictors of response to anti-TNFα therapies in rheumatoid arthritis", Dr Lucía Lourido, Tuesday 19 12:20 - 12:30, in the "Proteomics Applied to Disease"

Seven Human Protein Atlas researchers will participate in poster sessions:

  • "Systematic development of sandwich immunoassays for the analysis of the secretome in plasma", Dr Ragna Häussler.
  • "Validation of antibodies using orthogonal methods", Dr Fredrik Edfors.
  • "Autoantibody profiling in schizophrenia affected brain tissue", PhD student David Just.
  • "Affinity proteomics identifies proteins associated with asthma severity", PhD student Maria Mikus.
  • "Affinity Proteomic Profiling of Plasma for Proteins Associated to Pancreatic Cancer", PhD student Tea Dodig-Crnkovic.
  • "Profiling of basement membrane proteins in plasma and cerebrospinal fluid within ALS and Frontotemporal dementia", PhD student Julia Remnestål.
  • "PTR is conserved across cell lines", Dr Gianluca Maddalo.

If you are attending HUPO in Dublin, do not miss the opportunity to listen to and discuss recent major milestones and ongoing research within the Human Protein Atlas project!

Cecilia Lindskog Bergström

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