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Wellness Profiling program presented at the EMBL organised symposium - From Single to Multi-omics

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At the EMBO|EMBL symposia "From Single to Multi-omics: Applications and Challenges in Data Integration" in Heidelberg, Germany, on November 13, Dr Linn Fagerberg presents the talk entitled "Integrative omics profiling within the Swedish SCAPIS SciLifeLab (S3) Wellness Profiling program". The talk focuses on the integration of data retrieved from the analysis of biological samples collected within the SCAPIS project using different technological platforms. On the same day, Dr Fredrik Edfors participates in the poster session with a poster entitled "Gene specific correlation between protein and RNA".

The conference is organised at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) in Heidelberg, aiming to bring together experts from various omics fields and computational biology to discuss applications and inspire new ideas for integrating and interpreting data across the different omics technologies. The meeting provides an interdisciplinary platform for discussing future collaborations between the different omics fields. The major topics of the scientific programme are 1) Recent advances in genomics, proteomics, and metabolomics, 2) Integrating different omics data 3) Post-translational modification: expanding proteome diversity, 4) Novel omics technologies - including omics and structural biology and 5) Clinical applications of multi-omics.

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