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Normal tonsil showing the expression and distribution of CD68 positive cells. CD68 is a general marker for monocyte-derived macrophages.

CD68 - General monocyte/histiocyte/macrophage marker

CD-markers (Cluster of Differentiation) are antibodies that recognize cell surface antigens and antibodies detecting specific CD antigens are used in immunohistochemistry, mainly to distinguish different types of immune cells. The CD68 gene encodes for a transmembrane glycoprotein is a member of the scavenger receptor family. The CD68 molecule is primarily localized in lysosomes and endosomes, with a smaller fraction expressed on the cell surface. CD68 antibodies are used as markers of cells from the monocytic lineage (histiocytes, macrophages) in diagnostics of lymphoma/leukemia and to characterize various inflammatory cell infiltrates.

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